We all have aches and pains. They sometimes come and go, but sometimes we have nagging pain that just will not go away. Our instinct may be to use over the counter pain reliever and maybe these pain relievers have made their way into your daily routine. If this sounds familiar to you, I would like to share how Reiki may be able to help you reduce the number of over the counter medications that you are taking and to help reduce the physical discomfort that you are feeling.

Beyond indicating a physical problem, chronic pain can also originate from emotional or spiritual conflicts that we are having. Left unresolved, these conflicts may manifest or show up as physical discomfort. When we have emotional conflicts or physical discomfort this is an indication that the energy in our bodies is not flowing freely. When Reiki is administered it works with your bodys natural rhythms to bring your energy back into balance. The result is reduced pain, having more clarity of thought, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Because Reiki is working with the cause and not the symptom, many find relief where other methods were not successful.